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eMule LinkCreator 3.1

eMule Link Creator creates eD2K links for some files and add HTTP sources
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eMule Link Creator is a standalone program to create eD2K links for some files and add HTTP sources. It is aimed for web programmers. This utility produces links in different formats. It can be helpful to spread some sources or files faster than usually. This application also has been included in eMule program – one of the best file sharing in the Internet programs known today. Using this program you can create eD2K links with or without identification number (ID). Besides, it is possible to make links from HTTP, from alternative sources of the customers. This version has a new command line - hashfile “filepath” and support for large files. Also multilingual support was added. You should enter the file name or the path to files you want to create eD2K links to, or click Browse to choose the file. Then eMule Link Creator will calculate its hash (ID number) and then create the eD2K link. The eMule link creator supports AICH. You can create links with AICH hash or with hashset. This program doesn’t need installation.

Julia Galygo
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  • Help tool for links creation
  • Small size
  • Multilingual
  • Doesn’t need installation
  • Free


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